Our vineyards.


Green vineyards, near the sea,..
Our vineyards come from a long journey

The masia Bartomeu has 15 Ha. of vineyard distributed in 18 parcels of different dimensions. They are distributed in two different zones which are almost equal: one of them looks to the sea somewhat higher than the Sant Salvador shore; the other is situated behind the little hill where the masia stands and looks at the little village of San Vicenç de Calders. The different situation makes possible two different microclimates. The one looking at the sea receives the see-breeze and the other one doesn’t.

The vineyards are separated by borders made by peasants with stones from their own ground and are centuries old. Their skill allows us to enjoy today of a very ancient craft which unites nature and man in an inseparable manner and go together with the barracks of dry stone and the ones built by brick and painted in blue colour.

We have two different varieties of red grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This decision was taken many years ago when we realized that this land had been ground for red grapes. In fact, some of our vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon are among the oldest in el Baix Penedès because they were planted in 1987 and have adapted themselves extraordinarily well to this place.

Since 2012 we are implanting ecological criteria of production which will allow us to certificate them from 2015 on the Barthomeus wines are our way of understanding and integrating past and present.


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